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L.A.S.R. Laser Activated Shot Response Software

 LASR Target Templates Plugin

 LASR Target Scoring Plugin

 LASR Quicksave Plugin

LASR Shooter Watch Plugin

L.A.S.R. with Plug-In bundle

  • LASR is easy to use, but is extremely flexible. You can use it for simple dry fire practice or dive into the advanced features and do some serious training.


    LASR works with ANY laser training aid and you can use almost anything as targets, from a lightswitch on the wall to a full-size silhouette. Any modern computer can run LASR, using any off-the-shelf webcam.

    Your Computer

    Any Laser Trainer

    Any Webcam

    Any Targets





    Integrated Shot Timer

    Not only can you see where your shots landed, but LASR's built-in shot timer will tell you when your shots hit the target so you can time your draw, follow-up shots, and reaction times.


    Easy Setup

    LASR is easy to use and easy to take with you. Installing LASR on a laptop allows you to setup your own laser range anywhere; any time. On top of that, LASR automatically calibrates itself to your environment so you can get started quickly and without worry.


    Advanced Features & Feedback

    As you use LASR, you can save your targets so you can review them later. Additionally, you can graph your progress per shooter and by drill. This allows you to visualize your progress and gives you key peformance indicators that you don't get otherwise.

    LASR is built for shooters, by shooters.


    Shot Tracking on Multiple Targets

    LASR allows you to track shots on up to nine targets and allows you to track shots on up to nine backdrop/no-shoot/miss-zone targets. You can draw and edit these target zones to line up however you want with the camera image.


    Shot Timer Modes

    Modeled after a standard, comstock timer, the shot timer in LASR has the following modes:

    • Basic (not timed)
    • Immediate Start
    • Random Start
    • Random Start with Par
    • Repetitive
    • Call Targets



    Adjustable Visual and Audible Indicators

    The diameter and color of the hit indicators on top of the camera picture, the sound the targets make when hit, start signals, and much more is configurable and can be changed on-the-fly.


    Special Purpose Targets

    When you work on a drill, you don't always have to be near the computer. Special purpose targets allow you to control LASR from across the room; with your laser training device.


    Diagnostic Mode

    If you are trying to diagnose a trigger control problem, or you are trying to help a new shooter visualize what a good trigger pull looks like, you can enable Diagnostic Mode. You will see a line drawn from your original shot; in the direction your muzzle was moving when the shot broke.


    Race Mode

    Part of what makes shooting fun is learning with other people. Race Mode allows more than one shooter (up to 9) to use LASR at one time. You can run man-on-man drills against each other and then use the shot timer to see who "won."


    Reload Mode

    Reload Mode allows you to set the number of rounds in your "virtual magazine" and when you've shot that many times, you will be prompted to reload. You can also, optionally, make LASR ignore shots for a certain amount of time so you can't "cheat" your reloads.


    Call Targets

    Call targets will randomly call different targets for you to shoot. The software will default to the target zone number, but you can also customize the target names. You can even customize how many shots or how much time until the next target is called.


    Target Down Mode

    Target Down Mode allows you to customize a number of hits required to "down" a target, or you can let the software choose a random number of hits. This can be extremely useful for getting shooters out of a two-round cadence mindset, or enforcing a certain number of rounds per target.


    Save and Load Presets

    You can save and load complete courses of fire, allowing you to easily switch between different drills and different setups. You can have as many presets as you like, and they can be as complex or as simple as you like.

     LASR Target Templates Plugin

    This plugin includes a variety of pre-formatted targets with sub-zones for a variety of common targets, including IPSC, IDPA, bullseyes, FBI-Q and much more! With the Target Scoring Plugin, you can assign different points or penalty values to the sub-zones to set up realistic courses of fire, with instantaneous and automatic scoring customized to your liking. 

     LASR Target Scoring Plugin

    With this plugin, you can customize and save points and penalty values for different targets, enforce scoring standards, and much more. This plugin works well with the Target Templates Plugin, allowing you to assign different scoring values to different target zones. 

     LASR Quicksave Plugin

    With this add-on to the LASR software, you have more options for saving your targets and timesheets for later review, including one-click saving, one shot on a special purpose (remote control) target, and saving your target/timesheet to an image that can be emailed or posted to your social media sites. 

     LASR Shooter Watch Plugin

    Recording yourself shooting is nothing new, as many top shooters have been recommending it for years. The Shooter Watch Plugin for LASR seamlessly brings that ability to your dryfire practice with the added benefit of being fully integrated with the LASR software and all other plugins. The LASR Shooter Watch Plugin lets LASR use a second webcam to watch you, the shooter, so you can see what you're doing right, or spot deficiencies. Position the camera wherever you want to capture those key moments in your practice, and watch the recording while checking your results. 


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